Tobias Mews becomes Ordnance Survey 2016 #GetOutside Champion

Tobias Mews becomes Ordnance Survey 2016 #GetOutside Champion

I love maps. I'm not entirely sure when my fascination with them began as it feels as if they've been integral part of my life since my memories began. But I just love studying contours, looking for routes, finding trails, and learning more about where I am. I also love getting outside and going on on an adventure.

Earlier this year, I decided to enter a competition to become an Ordnance Survey #GetOutside champion. It was a fairly simple process that revolved around making a pledge. My pledge was to complete a microadventure in each of Britain's 15 National Parks. Which I'm delighted to say, I've just finished doing.

So when I learned that I'd been selected to become an OS #GetOutside Champion for 2016, I was totally stoked. This is my opportunity to merge two of my great loves - navigation and adventure. Indeed, I believe one can't live without the other.

Over the next year, you'll be hearing quite a bit from me, encouraging you to Get Outside more, especially on self-supported adventures - my latest project.

You can learn more about Ordnance Survey and their new online mapping subscription service here.

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