Books I've published

I've been lucky enough to have two books published and contributed to a number of others, which you can find below.

Becoming an author was a bit of a dream. My mother is a writer, so to be able to follow in her footsteps has been rather wonderful. I've defintely got more books in side me, so watch this space!

50 Races to Run Before you Die

Your essential guide to 50 of the best foot races across the globe.

From iconic half marathons and obstacle races, to prestigious marathons and brutal mountain contests, 50 Races to Run Before You Die presents these epic challenges in all of their mud, sweat and glory.

Including a range of events, from easy to expert, and travelling from Britain’s highest peaks to the unforgiving Moroccan desert, this stunningly illustrated book is the essential guide for anyone who wants to test themselves by taking on some of the world’s most celebrated and rewarding physical challenges.

With each race tried, tested and finished by the author, the book features first-hand accounts of the challenges, highlights and insider tips on what to expect, plus stunning photography and race graphics, including elevation charts, finisher rates and race-specific facts for each race.

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Go! An inspirational guide to getting outside and challenging yourself

This is my second book and one I'm perhaps most proud of. It's essentially a receipe for adventure - DIY races that you put on yourself, in your own time with your mates or alone. The photography is by the talented James Carnegie. 

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Lonely Plannet's Atlas of Adventure

Discover a world of thrilling outdoor activities

I'm a co-author of this compilation of the worl'd best places to go adventuring, whether that's trail running through South Africa, scuba diving in the Cayman Islands or swimming in Swedish archipelago.

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Running Wild

Being asked to contribute towards a book is always an honour, especially when it's by the lovely Julie and Simon Freeman of Like the Wind Magazine. They asked if I could pen a chapter on an unforgettable run in the Pyrenees. Well, there was one obvious one that I'd just done - the Tour de Mont Perdu. I wrote 2000 word and provided the photos. 

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