For over 15 years, I've been giving talks and presentations on the joys of getting outside and challenging yourself. I love nothing more than to share my passion for the outdoors!
  • Telegraph Outdoor Show – Climb and Adventure Stage (2014 and 2015) – The Toughest best Job in the World
  • Telegraph Outdoor Show – Q&A stand
  • Tales of Adventure, London (2012)
  • Liquid List, London (twice)
  • Endurancelife Livemore lecture, Devon (2011)
  • Forum Club, Milan, Italy (2013)
  • Millfield School, Somerset (2013)
  • Run and Become, Victoria, London (2013 & 2014)
  • ProFeet, Fulham, London (2013) – Tales from the Frontline – Tales from the Front Line – running the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
  • Explorers Connect, London (2014)
  • Crowdshed Talks (2014) – Running
  • Colfe’s School (2014)
  • Telegraph Outdoor Show (2015)
  • National Trust North Devon (2015)
  • Fast Running (2016)
  • Run and Become (2018)
  • Stanfords Travel Writers Festival (2018)


As a skilled and entertaining speaker, Tobias shares the joy he finds outdoors and through adventure challenges.

But beware – his enthusiasm is infectious! Hear him speak and you will find it hard not to try something adventurous yourself.
– Belinda Kirk, Founder of Explorers Connect and Base Camp Festival
“Just wanted to say thanks Tobias for your great talk from the Run and Become Team. Everyone loved it and you not only have a wide, varied and extreme experience of ultra races and adventure races but also you are a great communicator. That makes all the difference when trying to inspire and encourage other runners. We have had many speakers at the shop on all subjects and I have to say your talk was one of our best. All the best with your next adventure!”
– Sahadeva, Run and Become Events Manager
“Tobias has also proved to be an inspirational, energising and informed public speaker at The Liquid List Networking evenings. Such has been the positive feed-back from others at these events that I shall certainly be utilising (exploiting?!) Tobias’s eloquent presentational techniques to inspire others who are leaving the Armed Forces to ‘live the dream’. There is absolutely nothing dull or predictable about Tobias.”
– Michael Nicholson, Liquid List
“Tobias is an enthusiastic person and a trustworthy professional, able to convey his passion and expertise. He participated, as a speaker in the 2013 edition of our b2b congress, geared towards gym owners and operators. Accepting our proposal meant taking on a new challenge for him. He demonstrated to be a skilled speaker.”
– Davide Venturi, Editor in Chief at Editrice Il Campo
“Talking to a group of 17 to 18 year old adolescents can be a tough gig, but Tobias hit the mark perfectly. Concentrating primarily on his time at the School and his passion for climbing mountains, running across deserts and pushing himself to his physical limits, his account was carefully constructed to engage and inspire his audience. His main message was that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything, and he himself is living proof of this. Although not vey sporty whilst at Millfield, and a self-confessed ‘croquet player and not much else’, he explained how his focus and determination has enabled him to run the Marathon des Sables – coming 21st and ‘top Brit’ – and the Norseman, amongst other challenges.

Interspersing his talk with short film clips, cleverly edited to excite and inspire his audience, ensured the right balance of the spoken word and visual entertainment. His ability to gauge the mood and make witty comments when appropriate further endeared him to the group.

Tobias is a passionate speaker who engages with his audience. His enthusiasm and determination to succeed is infectious, and I am sure that many pupils left his talk convinced that their dreams could one day become a reality.”
– Louise Lang, Millfield School
“An inspirational journey through some of the most physically and mentally demanding races known to man. The pupils were captivated by Tobias’ boundless energy and thirst for adventure. He showed them that making a career out of what you love is possible, and provided them with practical advice on how to achieve their life goals. A very memorable evening indeed.”
– Emerald Henderson, Colfe’s School



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