Cycle touring around East London

Cycle touring around East London

I've decided that the true test of a relationship is riding a tandem together through the streets of London - especially when neither of you had ridden one before.

Last year for Zayne's birthday, we ran the Marathon du Medoc (see the article I wrote about it in my weekly column with Telegraph Men), but this year, with my Achilles being sore after the UTMB, we were unable to do anything too strenuous (the original plan was to cycle to Brussels).

So, thinking we still needed to find something fun to do for her birthday, I got in touch with Jack of Tally Ho Cycle Tours.   The unique thing that Jack and his fabulous company offer, is the chance to ride through London on a beautiful Pashleybicycle.  There are two tours to choose from - central London and East London.

Knowing central London quite well, I went for East London.  Seeing as this was our first time on a tandem, it was wonderful fun trying to negotiate the bike through the small streets of East Londn, often littered with market sellers.

We passed the Tate Modern, Guildhall, the London Docks, Tower Bridge, Lloyds of London and so much more.  Throughout the tour, Jack would tell us snippets of history about what we're seeing.  This is sightseeing with a difference.

Can't recommend Tally Ho Cycles enough.  Seriously good fun!  And luckily, both Zayne and I are still speaking to each other, though she insists on steering next time!!

The meeting point is at the Walrus Bar and Hostel by Lambeth North station.  Jack is the chap you need to speak to, his details below:

Telephone: +44 (0) 7969 230 828



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Tobias Mews

Tobias Mews

Pau, France
Adventure Athlete and author with a penchant for tackling the toughest endurance races in the world. 250+ races and only 1 DNF.