Day 8 of the Deloitte Ride Across Britain

Day 8 of the Deloitte Ride Across Britain with Threshold Sports
Day 8 of the Deloitte Ride Across Britain

Wincanton to Launceston – 107 miles

This is my penultimate blog on what has been an extraordinary journey that began 8 days ago in John O Groats and tomorrow will finish 982 miles away in Lands End.

I’ve been writing about the event from my tent, usually around 10.30 each evening, when I should be asleep, resting after what has been a hard day in the saddle. I say hard, because there is no easy day on the Rode Across Britain.

Each day has certain characteristics which will be very similar. It will take a long time. I will consume a huge number of sandwiches, chocolate and crisps. I will get a sore bum. It will probably rain. You get the picture.

Well, today has been no different, except we are now in Devon, having started in Wincanton 107 miles ago. And it was bloody hilly. Ad it rained a lot. And there was this ridiculous south westerly headwind that made everything that bit harder.

Luckily I founds some string riders from Bath Rugby Club Foundation, who dragged me around the countryside.

When I finally arrived at our camp in Launceston, I was quite happy to collapse into a heap. It not before healing Sue tortured me by sorting out my ITB which was tight again.

Sad to be leaving the bubble, but it’s time to head back to the real world now.

We’re leaving tomorrow at 6am, so it’s going to be a shirt night sleep. It’s only 92 miles, our shortest day, but it’s still got 7500ft of climbing. And it’s due to loss down with rain! Not ideal.

It’s been an incredible journey getting here, and to think I’d only sat on my road bike 4 tomes before the start, just proves that anything is possible!

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